Classified Ad Examples

Headlines to use in your Classified Ads.

Why Wait Until Friday To Get Paid When You Can Get Paid Daily?

$45 One Time - Paid Daily Over and Over and Over

Call Me Today - Start Today

Ad Posters Needed To Work From Home

Make Money Showing Others How To Get Paid Daily

Easy Marketing - A Little Work - A Lot Of Money

Do You Want Gas Money or Get Paid Daily Money?

Inboud Calls - Daily Pay

$45 Business Equals Money Paid To You Each and Every Day

If You Have A Computer You Should Be Getting Paid Daily

You Don't Need a Job If You Have a Computer and a Phone -Paid Daily

Why work When You Have a Computer And A Phone?

$45 Business Offers Daily Pay - Must Have a Computer and a Phone?

Our Ad Posters Get Paid Daily

It is easier to start a $45 Business That Pays Daily Then It is to Get A Job

Get a Job and Still Be Broke or Start a $45 Business and Get Paid Daily

Maybe You're Simply Not Supposed To Have A Job - $45 Business Gets You Paid Daily

We Pay Our Computer/Phone Works Daily - We Need People To Start Now
Body -For Your Ads

1. This is the easiest thing I have ever done.

Call me for a short interview at _____________ You will be glad you did.

2. You can't take a duck to eagle's school...We are looking for eagles
to pay daily. Call me for a short interview at_________________and start tomorrow.

3. We will train you quickly on how to get paid daily and get you started tomorrow.
Call me at_________________if you want to work 25 hours/week and make full time pay.

4. I have partnered directly with the co-founders so I can help others make the maximum
income $350/day and up. Call me today at___________________and never work a job again.

5. We train you quickly how to take incoming calls and get paid daily.
Call me at____________________for more info if you are ready to start now.

6.If having a job is so great, why are you still looking for one?  Call me at__________________
find out how our $45 business is the last thing you will ever need to do.

7. This 100% Commission Only Work At Home Opportunity

Is The Easiest Phone Call You'll Ever Make

Do You Have. . .?

1) A Computer
2) Ability to Take Incoming Calls
3) Unlimited Dialing & Internet Access
4) The Ability To Work At Least 3 Days (2 Hour/Day) Each Week
If you do call me at _______________for a quick interview.

8. If you can close HOT LEADS and INBOUND CALLS, you are the person we are looking for! Our reps. NEVER make cold calls.
You will receive 10-15 fresh inbound calls or leads each day of people wanting to get paid daily.
Call me at ______________________ for a short interview and be on your way to getting paid daily.

9. Do What I do and get paid daily -
   1. Post free ads

   2. Take Incoming Calls
   3. Help people get registered
   4. Take In Money Each and Every day
If you can do what I me at _____________and never look back again.

10. If you are willing to work part time and make full time daily pay for taking incoming calls and helping people to get registered,
    you will love this. Call me at ___________________to get started today.
What to say when you talk to those who answer your ad.

Hi this ______________you're answering the ad for (repeat something in your ad)

(If you are returning their call, ask them if this is a good time for them)

What is that you liked about the ad, was it the simplicity or the money?

Great, so If I could show you a simple way to turn $45 one time into $350/day would you watch a short video to find
out just how true it is?

Excellent - Are you at a computer? Okay go to this website and click play on the video at the
(If they are not at the computer now, ask them when will be a good time to call them back when they are at a computer. Set
up a time and follow not give them the blogspot if they are not ready to look at it.)

May I ask you one last question before I answer all of my other calls?

Could you see yourself doing what I just did?
Good because this is all I do to get paid daily.

Call me after your watch the video so I can answer all your questions and get you started getting paid daily tomorrow.

Tip: Do not answer any questions. - Whatever question they ask, tell them good question, that's why I want you to take
a look at the video done by one of the founders and if you any more questions, I will be glad to answer them right after
you watch the not get caught up in answering questions until they have seen the video.

When they call back and you answer the questions...end every answer with "So let's get you registered and on your
way to daily pay" If they are making up excuses, go to the next call - "You can't take a duck to eagle school"